Property people, are you finding buyers online?

According to Adobe, online home searches have increased 20% YoY nationwide. I don't have specific numbers for Nashville, but with 80+ people moving here daily I can assume the number is substantially higher. Factor in the fact that a huge majority of the population influx for Nashville are Millennials who are 100% connected every second of their life and it's safe to say that the 20% increase nationwide would pale in comparison to Nashville. 

If your business is property in Nashville what are you doing to reach the new customers? The demand is there. You're undoubtedly very aware of this! But, imagine if you were reaching more people. The simple economics of supply and demand would say that your margins would increase if more people are aware of your product. The demand is here, but is your product available to the ones who are shopping?

Today, more so than any other point in history, it is easier to reach people who are searching for what you offer. If you renovate old homes there is a demand for that, if you build new homes there is a demand for that, if you sell commercial space there is a demand for that. There trick is to be seen before your competition.